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1. headlights or flashlights are quite important equipment, but when they are not used, batteries must be removed to avoid corrosion.

2. a few lamps are waterproof or water resistant. If you think waterproofing is very important, you can buy this kind of waterproof light bulb, but it is better to prevent rain because it is not possible to manipulate it in the field.

3., the lamp holder needs a comfortable cushion, some of which are hung like a pen.

4. the switch of the lamp holder must be durable. Do not appear on the backpack to open waste electricity or have some conditions. The switch design of the lamp holder is a groove. If you feel that the course of travel will have problems, it is best to stick the cloth tightly, take out the bulb or take out the battery.

5. light bulbs are not durable for a long time. It is best to carry a spare light bulb, such as halogen krypton argon, and other bulbs that produce heat and lighter than the vacuum tube bulb (vacuumbulb). Although the use will be high ampere number and shorten the use time of the battery, most bulbs will identify the number of amperes in the bottom, and the ordinary battery life is 4 amps. It is equal to 8 hours in 0.5 Ampere light bulbs.

6. when you buy, you should try the lights in the dark places, the lights should be white, the spotlight is better, or the light concentrating can be adjusted.

7. test the method of LED: usually with three batteries, first installed two batteries, the third key is short and lasting (compared with no lift circuit headlights), and the lighting time is longer (the brand [AA] battery is about 30 hours), as a camp lamp (that is used in tents) more ideal; The disadvantage of the head lamp of the step-up circuit is that such headlights have poor waterproof performance (most of them are not waterproof).

6. If it is a night mountaineering, it is better to use the light bulb of the kind of headlight to be the ideal light source, because it has at least 10 meters (2 section 5 batteries) with the effective distance of the light, and also has the normal brightness of 6~7 hours, and most of it can prevent rain, and then take two spare batteries for one night without worrying. Take a spare flashlight and use it when changing batteries.