Sofirn SF11 Flashlight

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Sofirn SF11 features Can size, powered by 4 AA Batteries.

SF11 is powerful & portable LED flashlight. The side switch controls 4 modes + hidden Strobe+ hiddenMoonlight:

Click the side switch to turn on, and then click to cycle through Low/ Medium / High / Turbo; double clicks to activate Strobe; press and hold the switch to turn off; then press the switch for 1 second to turn on Moonlight when the light is off.

Battery Specifications:

Battery Types

Dimension & Quantity

Nominal Voltages

Can be used or not

Alkaline battery

AA *4



Rechargeable NI-MH

AA *4



Rechargeable NiCd 

AA *4



Rechargeable Iithium-ion battery




Warning: Please do not mix batteries of different brands, sizes, capacities or types. Or it can cause damage to the flashlight and the used batteries.

Battery Replacement:

Unscrew the tail to inset 4 units of AA batteries with the anode side(+) towards the light’s head, and then screw the tail.


Operation Instruction:

press the side switch to Turn On, then click the side switch to cycle through Low→Medium→High→Turbo.


double clicks to activate Strobe; click again to turn back.

Moonlight Mode:

When the light is OFF, press the switch for 1 second to enter into Moonlight mode; press again to turn off.

Turbo Mode:

The light accumulates a lot of heat in short time when it is working at Turbo. Working at Turbo in 3 minutes, the flashlight will automatically adjust to High to avoid overheating.

Continuously or repeatedly use the mode might shorten the lifespan of batteries or cause damage to the flashlight. The reason is that the batteries and LED maximized.

Intelligent Memory Circuit 

If a brightness level is used for more than 2 seconds, the light remembers it. When the light is turned off and then turn on again, it starts from the remembered  the used brightness level.

Over-heat Protection:

The light accumulates lots of heat when it is working at High Brightness level. When it works at High for 30 minutes, the flashlight will automatically adjusts to Medium to avoid overheating. If you need High Mode, please switch it manually.


Technical Parameters

※ Use CREE XP-L V6 LED with a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

※ CCT Range: 5350K-5700K

※ 112mm(length)× 41mm(diameter) × 41mm(head)

※ 174.5g net weight (excluding battery)

※ Power: Turbo 10.7W

※ Working Voltage: 2.8-6.4 Volts

※Powered by 4 pieces of 1.2 volts AA Ni-MH/AA NiCd; 1.5 volts AA Alkaline batteries

※ Constant Current Output: battery voltage≥3.7 volts, constant current output is adopted; battery voltage<3.7 volt, linear constant current is adopted

※ Made of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy

※ Premium Military SpcⅢhard-anodized anti-abrasive finish and better heat exchange

※ Aluminum alloy reflective cup/ light cup

※ Toughened glass lens with AR coating; anti-reflective

※ Mode Memory Function: Yes

Smart Power Indicator (on the side switch): 

Green Light: the battery capacity > 50%;

Orange Light: the battery capacity between 49% and 16%

Red Light: the battery capacity<15% 

※ Low voltage protection function: the modes will automatically adjust modes when the battery capacity runs less and less.

※ Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation

※ The waterproof level is IPX-8, it can be used in underwater 2 meters, And it is used in rainstorm.