Sofirn SP10A Flashlight

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Sofirn SP10A is a AA or 14500 tube-light with 3+1 modes.

 SP10A is a lightweight but super bright AA flashlight. Please click the side switch to light up or change modes by different clicks. Using brand new 14500 battery to get the maximum illumination as following:

Low(10 lumens)Medium(89 lumens)High(500 lumens); Strobe (500Lumens)

Moreover, SP10A adopts XP-G2 LED Neutral White, to give a great light efficiency. uniform spot, long throwing, Amazing brightness makes the flashlight outstanding in home usage or outdoor activities, such as bedside as nightlight, coach side as backup power; camping, hiking, searching, fishing, cycling, night-walking, backpacking, BBQ fill-in light, hunting etc.

Sofirn lights your way!

Battery Replacement:

Unscrew the tail cap to inset AA or 14500 battery with the anode side(+) towards the lights head, and then screw the tail cap back on.

Operation Instruction:

The side switch to control all function:

On/ Off: press the switch for 0.5 second to activate or turn off--- for better Lock-out

Change Modes: click the switch to cycle through Low→Medium→High;

Strobe: Double clicks to activate Strobe; one click to turn back.

Battery reminder: lower than 2.8 Volts, one mode blinks 2 times per second when used 3.7V 14500 Battery. No reminder by using AA batteries.

How to Lock-out in pocket or handbag:

unscrew the tail-cap until the LED light goes off to carry it with no risk of bumping turning it on.

Warning: Please do not shine it directly to People or Pets eyes!!!

Technical Parameters

※ Use CREE XP-G2 LED with a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

※ CCT Range: 5350K-5700K, NW(Neutral White)

※ Working Voltage: 0.9-4.2 Volts

※ Power: 5W

※ Battery Supported: 1pcs 14500 Battery or AA battery (NiMh, Alkaline)

※ Dimension: 88mm(length)× 19mm(diameter) × 20mm(head)

※ Net Weight: 42 gram (no batteries included)

※ Mode Memory : remember a mode used last time

※ Smooth Reflector

※ Lock-out: press the switch for 0.5 second to turn on in order to avoid lighting up accidentally.

※Made by Aircraft 6061 grade-aluminum alloy, used CNC machines, Premium type Ⅲ hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body, anti-crash and better heat exchange 

※ Toughened glass lens, anti-crash and wearable

※ The waterproof level is IP68, can be used in rainstorm.