Sofirn SP33 Flashlight

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Sofirn SP33 is a powerful outdoor 26650 flashlight


Click the side switch to turns on 5+1 modes:

Cycle through LL(10 lm)Low(45 lm)Medium(98 lm)High(500 lm)Turbo(1080lm)

Three Clicks to activate the hidden Strobe

Sofirn SP33 adopts Cree LED XP-L NW, to give a great light efficiency. Uniform spot, long throwing, Amazing brightness makes the flashlight outstanding in outdoor activities, camping, hiking, searching, fishing, cycling, night-walking, backpacking, BBQ fill-in light, hunting etc.

Sofirn lights your way!

Battery Replacement:

Unscrew the tail cap to inset battery with the anode side(+) towards the light’s head, and then screw the tail cap back on.


 Operation Instruction:

The side switch to control all function:

1, To press the side switch for 0.5 second to turn on or turn off;

2, click the side switch to cycle through LL→Low→Mid→High→Turbo.

3, When unlock, three clicks to turn on”Strobe”, and one click to turn back.

4,Lock-out function:

When the light is off, please double clicks to activate the “Lock-out” function, “lock-out” works when the light flashes 2 times.

When the light is lock-out, please double clicks to unlock, then the light turn back to the previously used mode.

Technical Parameters

 Use CREE XP-L LED with a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

※ Correlated Color Temperature Range(CCT Range): 5350K-5700K, NW

※ Working Voltage: 2.8-4.3V

※ Battery Supported: 1pcs 18650 Battery or 26650 Lithium batteries

Dimension: 124mm(length)× 31.5mm(diameter) × 36mm(head)

Net Weight: 117gram (no batteries included)

※ Mode Memory : Yes!

※ Smooth Reflector

※Made by Aircraft 6061 grade-aluminum alloy, used CNC machines, Premium type Ⅲ hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body, anti-crash and better heat exchange 

※ Toughened glass lens with AR coating, anti-crash and wearable

※ The waterproof level is IP68, it can be used in rainstorm.

 Lock-out function: to avoid accidentally activating flashlight in pocket or handbag

Off : Please double clicks the side switch to lock, the signal is that the light flashes twice times.

OFF and Lock out: please double clicks the side switch to unlock. The signal is that the light turn on in a previously used mode.


Smart Power Indicator (on the side switch): 

Green Light: the battery capacity > 50%;

Orange Light: the battery capacity between 50% and 20%

Red Light: the battery capacity <20% (please recharge or replace the battery )

※Low Voltage Protection: lower than 2.8 Volts, the flashlight turns off automatically to avoid over-discharge. If then reactivate it, the Low Voltage protection function does not work.